KANGAN PUR - The number of road accidents has increased after the construction of a highway road with no speed breakers, as two children have lost their lives in just a few days.

According to the details, One-year-old Ali Hamza was crushed to death by a speeding motorcycle while he was playing outside his house on road side here the other day. The motorcyclist fled the scene after the incident.

Meanwhile, a 7-year- old school child Fakhar was hit by another speeding motorcycle while she was crossing the road near Raja Chock. As a result, her jaw was broken. She was rushed to the RHC Kangan Pur where doctor referred her to lahore due to critical condition.

Residents of the area including parents, teacher, and students demanded the Punjab CM, DCO and higher authorities of the Highway Department to construct speed breakers at intercity roads urgently to protect the lives of the children.