KHANEWAL - PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said on Thursday that the Punjab government’s performance as compared to that of the federal government speaks for itself, adding that his party did not believe in hollow slogans rather in actions.

“The masses are committing suicides due to the worst economic situation of the country but the PPP leadership including President Zadari is claiming that all is well,” he said addressing a gathering at the ground of Government High School, Khanewal.

 “Actions speak louder than words. Alhumdulillah, we have proven in the Punjab that development can be done with commitment,” said Mr Hamza. “Pakistan will be again on road to progress under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif after the elections Insha’Allah,” he expressed the hope.

He said that the PPP government had given the nation only the gifts of terrorism, unemployment, poverty, inflation, record corruption, and 100 to 200percent hike in the prices of daily-use commodities and petroleum products during their five-year tenure.

Address the party activists and leaders, Hamza said, “Provision of health and education facilities are top priority of the PML-N’s government. That’s why we have given special attention to these sectors in this tenure. We are committed to serving the public devotedly and selflessly while President Zardari and his accomplices have badly damaged the national exchequer and plundered the national wealth and ruined the economy which has led the country to bankruptcy.”

He said that the federal rulers had ruined all the national sectors like agriculture, industry and business. However, the looters will not be spared and every looted penny would be recovered from them, he pledged. He said that about 80 billion dollars corruption in NICL, Haj, PIA, FBR and other financial institute and looting of national assets were the main features of the PPP government.

On the other hand, he said, in the Punjab, record development work in education, health, agriculture and other sectors were carried out and it was a model for the opponents. He said that about 50,000 students were getting free education in Danish schools. Metro Bus Service project was one of historic achievement of the Punjab government in the subcontinent, he claimed.

On the occasion, Haji Irfan Khan Daha, former provincial minister, demanded that Abdul Hakim must be made a tehsil and ownership rights must be given to Mazaryeen. He further said that in Khanewal district, the government had given land ownership rights to 17,189 people of 214 slum areas.

Earlier, Hamza inaugurated a trauma center in District Headquarters Hospital and a charity hospital namely NN Welfare Hospital in Khanewal. The hospital is owned by former MPA Nishat Ahmad Khan who has joined the PML-N after defecting the PPP.

Addressing a press conference at Circuit House, Hamza said that 80 billion dollar corruption and terrorism had badly damaged the national economy. He termed Rehman Malik, the interior minister, a non-serious person and refused to answer to any of his questions.

On the occasion, PML-N leader Dr Waqar Ahmad Khan Daha, Nadeem Kamran, MNA Tariq Rasheer, MPA Aamir Hayat, Ghulam Jaffar, Nishat Ahmad, Jamil Shah, Karam Dad and PML-N district president Rao Saadat were also present. A large number of party workers from all the four tehsil’s of Khanewal arrived in the public gathering in the shape of processions.