The Higher Education Commission (HEC) challenging the recent move of Election Commission of Pakistan to clear a way for the fake degree holders to contest the upcoming elections.

According to the report from HEC, the commission have doubts over the decision of ECP for providing clearance to 27 fake degree holders.

In a letter to the ECP, the HEC has declared in categorical words that there were “discrepancies” in the ECP press release admitting that it had cleared cases of 27 fake degree-holder parliamentarians.

Four of these 27 were not present in the HEC’s list of fake degree-holders whereas according to this letter, only in three cases out of the remaining 23, the concerned universities confirmed to the HEC that degrees were found genuine after a later investigation.

So 20 out of 23 MPs cleared by the ECP were given a clean chit wrongly despite the fact that their degrees were found fake and bogus by the HEC as well as the concerned universities.

Though the ECP has cleared degrees in some cases but in many cases the ECP declared degree fake but did not proceed against the fake-degree holder on the grounds such as MP was re-elected, MP resigned, MP brought witnesses from university that his/her degree is genuine.

The press release from HEC also told that the ECP decision in 90 percent of cases as “incorrect” and acknowledged that only in three cases, the decision was reversed and out of the HEC’s list of 56 fake degree-holders.