When will this madness end? As long as Pakistan’s ruling elite, their children and our paid bureaucracy have no stakes in this country, restoration of rule of law and protecting lives, will be the least of their priorities. What have those, who claim to have a mandate in Karachi, delivered to people for the past five years, other than giving them miseries, body bags, extortion, kidnapping and shutter down strikes. These mercenaries have wrecked our economy, killed in cold blood, so whose agenda is being served by closing down Karachi or other parts of Pakistan?

If any purpose is to be served, it will only be a total crack down on criminals, not pick and chose. Those who allow criminals to enter, or exit the country, and facilitate smuggling of weapons through thousands of containers that have gone missing, or those who protect them, are responsible for murder of innocent Pakistanis butchered in Karachi’s Abbas Town or in Quetta and rest of country. As long as armed criminal gangs affiliated with political or religious parties and land or drug mafia are allowed, these religious sectarian outfits will continue to kill our people, destroy our economy and weaken Pakistan from within.

While men, women, children and the elderly were being slaughtered, the law enforcement agencies and their political godfathers were too busy protecting corrupt elite enjoying a private party, totally unaware of what was happening in rest of Karachi. It seems the ruling elite and paid bureaucracy of this country, no longer consider lives, or property of citizens, worth being protected, for them they are no more worth than lambs or chickens slaughtered to satisfy their insatiable greed.


Lahore, March 4.