ISLAMABAD - MOHSIN ALI - Pakistan is facing complete international sporting isolation since the last five years as teams and players are reluctant to tour Pakistan because of the fear of poor law and order situation.

It is true that law and order situation in Pakistan is not exemplary. Many other countries almost face similar situations, but they are free to host international events on regular basis. No one is bothered or even dare to raise fingers at them just because of their good relations and lobbying.

Sri Lankan president died in a suicide attack. There were blasts inside the stadium during the Indian Premier League matches, but teams like Australia, England and others never objected and fell comfortable to play at those venues. But when it comes to tour Pakistan, nobody is ready to consider despite given assurances of red box security, which a head of state enjoys.

It is the moral and national duty of Foreign and Interior Ministries to lend a helping hand to sporting federations and use their good offices and relations to pursue foreign teams to travel to Pakistan. Until and unless both these ministries fail to play a key role, there is no chance of any team visiting Pakistan in near future.

If Europeans and other nations are reluctant to travel to Pakistan, it is the duty of Pakistani government to talk to their neighbouring countries and especially friendly states like Iran, China, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and many more states who have excellent relations with Pakistan and they would not disappoint. China can send their basketball, hockey, table tennis and badminton teams. Iran can also send football, boxing, judo, kabbadi teams. Argentinean Ambassador in Pakistan had on numerous occasions in the recent past assured his unconditional support and promised to help Pakistan in best way possible.

Now is the time Pakistani government should use their good offices and invite Argentinean hockey team to play a series with green shirts. Pakistan is hosting international events in a befitting manner, tournaments like boxing in which 25 international teams participated. Kabbadi championship was held recently in Islamabad and the players and their coaches expressed their satisfaction on the arrangements and above all security situation.

Pakistan Handicapped Cricket team hosted arch-rivals India in a bilateral series in Islamabad and they have also organised a series against Afghanistan. Afghanistan cricket team has also toured Pakistan twice in last two years and played against Pakistan A team.

World has to shun dual policies when it comes to dealing with Pakistan. Pakistan, as a front line state against war on terrorism, has given tremendous sacrifices and paid a very heavy price, our soldiers and common citizens had laid down their lives. Instead of talking now, it is the time the international community must take positive steps and realise the sacrifices of Pakistan and help the country by sending a joint team based on players from different countries.

Pakistanis are right to complain the double standards of international community. Our playgrounds are empty since long and people are deprived of watching their favourite sons performing in front of them.

If a high level contact is made with Sri Lankan government there is every possibility they would not disappoint, as Pakistan had help a great deal to Sri Lanka during their hard times. Especially when they were fighting a civil war with Tamil Tigers, no one was ready to play in Sri Lanka.

It is true Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by terrorists in Lahore in 2009, but it was not the fault of entire country. It was the security lapse of few individuals, but the country had already paid a very heavy price for that. Pakistan had contributed a lot to international community. Now it is the payback time. The world must help not in words but actively to win hearts of millions of Pakistani sports lovers. Otherwise the sports loving people of Pakistan have the right to distance themselves from the so-called well-wishers of Pakistani sports.