HAFIZABAD - DCO Farah Masood has lauded the role of media, saying that the media has been playing its vital role in educating the masses. She hoped that the media would continue playing its role in the national reconstruction, promotion of education and positive criticism for the resolution of the problems.

Addressing her first formal meeting with the Executive Members of Hafizabad Press Club, the DCO, who was the first woman officer ever posted as DCO in the province, she said that media was fourth pillar of the State and it should pinpoint problems for their resolution. She also praised the media for creating awareness among the public for social and economic development, stability of the country and religious harmony. She said that there were problems of potable water and proper sewerage system, traffic hazards and encroachments in the city and assured that she would take affective steps to meet this challenge.

She also stressed the need for plantation of trees around the roads for pleasant atmosphere.

She assured the journalists that she would welcome positive criticism for the betterment of the district and to resolve the problems.

TAKES CHARGE: Ch Abdul Rasheed has taken as Divisional Accounts Officer Gepco Hafizabad today.