CHANGA MANGA - PML-N MPA Chaudhry Allauddin said that Pakistan was passing through a critical phase and only his party, under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, could steer the country out of crisis.

He stated this in public meetings held at Chak17 and 18 arranged by Ch Nazir Ahmad Goga here on Thursday.

He said that law and order situation was miserable in the country especially in Queta and Karachi and people were on the roads to seek justice.

He said that Pakistan Railways, once a profitable institution, had gone into loss while prices of basic commodities, petroleum products and fertilizers were touching the skies. PML-N leader said that unbearable power and gas outages had disrupted the business while common man was not able to pay utility bills.  He said that future of our children was attached to Pakistan and the N, after winning the upcoming general elections, could steer the country out of crisis. On the occasion, all prominent baraderies including, Jutt, Gujjar, Ansari, Syed, Araeen, Bhatti and Malik announced their full support for the N in the upcoming elections.