NEW YORK - A US judge has agreed to release a Pakistani-American employee of the city of Portland, Oregon, who is charged with aiding terrorism, pending the man’s trial, according to American media reports. Reaz Qadir Khan, 48, who works for the city’s wastewater department, is accused of aiding a 2009 suicide bombing of the Lahore headquarters of ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency. Assistant US Attorney Ethan Knight says Khan is a flight risk, the reports said. But US Magistrate Judge Paul Papak ruled Wednesday that conditions could be placed that ensure Khan would not flee.

Khan’s attorney, Amy Baggio, was quoted as saying Khan has known about the investigation since December and has not fled. She said Khan has deep ties to the community and willingly surrendered both his Pakistani and US passports. The attorney said Khan must pay $2,500 dollars on a $25,000 bond to gain release; a continued release hearing is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, where he’s expected to provide money for bail and provide information on his financial assets. Upon release the naturalized US citizen will be required to wear an ankle bracelet. He can continue to attend work and religious, court, attorney meetings. Authorities arrested Reaz Khan at his family’s southwest Portland home Tuesday morning. However, the charges were filed against him back in December, for alleged activities from 2005 to 2009. An indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges Khan provided advice and financial help to Ali Jaleel, one of three people who carried out the attack at Pakistan’s intelligence headquarters in Lahore.