KARACHI - Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) leader Kamran Tessori said there could be bloodshed during the upcoming elections if law and order situation remained the same in the city.

Tessori was talking to media persons after opening ceremony of a cricket tournament organised by Karachi Union of Journalists Dastoor (KUI_D) at Karachi Press Club here on Thursday. He said that anti-state agents did not want democracy to flourish and were busy in destabilizing the country.

Tessori said that PML-F leadership had very keen eyes on the current situation and repeatedly warned the government to take serious and immediate steps to curb the violence in the country.

He said that incidents like Abbas Town bombing and violence in the in metropolis proved government’s failure to take serious measures to maintain peace.

Tessori said that law and order situation was already uncertain for general elections in different areas of Balochistan and KPK and now Karachi, the economic hub of the country, was also facing unabated violence.

He said that a grand operation was needed to clean-up criminals, terrorist and mafias form the city as the circumstances were not favourable for holding general elections.

He added that democratic process in the country was not possible without holding transparent and fair elections in Karachi.