Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Pir Pagaro made a fervent appeal to all factions of PML to join forces in order to help their beleaguered country. It is not for the first time that he has called for strengthening the League. As a practical step towards that end, he recently formed an electoral alliance with PML-N. Earlier, his late father Pir Pagaro senior had also wished for the party to come under one umbrella, a party that brought to fruition the dream of the Poet of the East, Allama Iqbal by creating an independent state of Pakistan under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. Talking to media on Thursday, Pir Pagaro said had the PML factions joined hands earlier; the country would not have to confront the darkness prevailing today. Bitterly criticizing the policies of the PPP government, he said Pakistan was facing isolation in the comity of nations. Further explaining his mission for the merger of PML, Pir Pagaro said had they fought 2008 election together, the President and the Prime Minister would have been Muslim Leaguers and they would have steered the country through crisis. His assessment that if Leaguers get united, the ruling PPP would not be able to secure more than 40 seats in the forthcoming general elections is not misplaced optimism.