Without fundamental change in the political system and in the traditional political culture, I think the coming election will not change the luck of jinxed people of Pakistan and even after the elections nothing will change, because if PPP or PML-N grab the power these political elite mafia will continue to exploit the helpless masses in the name of democracy.

The country will plunge deeper into the mess. I don’t understand why the Election Commission of Pakistan is reluctant to implement the suggestions of the Supreme Court such as making voting compulsory and only declaring those candidates as the winners who have more than 50 percent votes. The election commission is already showing the pressure of political parties by not delimiting the constituencies in Karachi. Why are we following the same electoral and voting system, which we know has not allowed the real representatives of the people to contest elections and become members of assemblies?

Politics in Pakistan is now a very profitable business and those who invest in the elections recover their investment with huge profits. The only hope is if PTI sweeps the election, than the status quo may change otherwise the existing legal plunder (democracy) will further damage the country and ‘have a lot’ class will be ‘having more’ and the ‘have nots’ will increase. Many concerned citizens view the 2013 election as prelude to a new future. Will Pakistan move towards progress or will it be among the countries which are cursed to suffer till doomsday, only time will tell.


Lahore, March 1.