LAHORE – Member of National Assembly N-league Abid Sher Ali, on Thursday said that the corruption of Pervaiz Elahi era cannot be compared with the present government of PML-N. He said that Q-League did nothing except filling pockets and promoting nepotism while Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has promoted the policy of transparency and merit.

He said that Pervaiz Elahi still remembers his era when he used all tactics to please Musharraf and prolonging his rule.

Commenting on the statement of Pervaiz Elahi, Abid Sher Ali said the nation knows that Shahbaz Sharif had started metro bus project which was the first mega project in the history of the country for the facilitation of the masses while the paper project which Pervaiz Elahi is using for publicity, had no link with reality and was buried only in his bogus files. “If he had any vision, why did he not complete the project after becoming Deputy Prime Minister. It reflects his contradiction in sayings and actions,” he added.

Abid Sher Ali said that the way national funds were looted in the previous era in Punjab is unprecedented. He said that Pervaiz Elahi government presented one project a number of times for usurping funds while present government worked hard for converting the graveyards of corruption into the minarets of development. He said that even today Pervaiz Elahi & Co. was issuing baseless statements to hide their own inefficiencies.