KARACHI – Law-enforcement agencies on Thursday launched an operation in the City’s notorious town Lyari as they found the bodies of two rangers personnel. Lyari gangsters contribute more than 75 per cent of total gunny bag bodies found from the surrounding of Lyari.

According to details, rangers barged into the zero crime rate area of Lyari where gangsters used to throw the bodies out of the town as per the agreement with the area police.

On Thursday, rangers started operation in Lyari when four rangers men went missing. The bodies, including of Hawaldar Munir Ahmed Bhutto and Hawaldar Ejaz Ahmed Baloch were found from the Mewashah graveyard.

It is worth mentioning here that score of bodies were found from the said graveyard and other surrounding areas of gangsters. Reported statistics revealed that at least 14 shot dead bodies were found from the dominated areas of Lyari gangsters within a week.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that gangsters of Lyari used to take people inside of their dominated areas where they tortured them to death and later threw their bodies in the surrounding areas of Lyari.

Sources said that there was a ‘moral’ agreement between the concerned police officers of Lyari and gangsters that the bodies must be throw outside the jurisdiction of Lyari Police. Therefore gangsters avoid to create trouble for the area police officers and bodies were usually found from different areas of Old City and the areas dominated by gangsters, including Pak Colony, Maripur, Jackson, Dalmia, Malir and others.

Following the operation, residents of Lyari came to the streets and roads and staged protest against the operation. Residents of Lyari when contacted said that families of gangsters and other people associated with gang staged protest to portray public agitation.

On the other side, rangers faced heavy armed resistance across the Lyari when it tried to get into the area. However, rangers managed to barged into the Nawa Lane area of Lyari and found a torture cell headed by Shiraz alias Comrade.

It is pertinent to mention here that comrade have recently been wounded and arrested by rangers when another notorious gangster Rashid alias Rekha was gunned down in a bid to capture the area of Kharader dominated by Katchi Community. Sources said that rangers claimed to have arrested comrade and killed Rekha but comrade reached the area again after three days.

Sources added that Rekha was killed during a clash between the rival groups and rangers when gangsters were got stuck by the rival ethnic group.

Rangers claimed to have recovered four victims who were in the custody of gangsters. It also recovered weapons and arrested eight gangsters. Following the arrest and operation in Lyari various other localities dominated by Baloch gangsters got tense where miscreants resorted to aerial firing. All the commercial and non-commercial activities were suspended and the traffic flow was blocked for several hours.