A FRENCH designer has invented a special wetsuit that he says allows divers to ‘fly’ underwater. The Oceanwings suit resembles a regular wetsuit but has webs between the legs and arms to provide resistance. Guillaume Binard, who designed the neoprene suit for Aqua Lung Dream Lab, was inspired by wingsuits used by the likes of ‘jetman’ Yves Rossy for aerial flights. But he says aquagliding in his prototype wetsuit - which has been tested by free diver Pierre Frolla - is an altogether more serene experience. Webbed wings under the arms and between the legs allow the wearer to glide through the water like a manta ray. Sadly for those keen to try it out, Aqua Lung spokesman Frédérique Gouin says the Oceanwings is a work of art that “will never be for sale”.                         –WO