One thing is very obvious right now: You will need more than just internet memes on social media to understand the increasingly complicated conflict in Ukraine and, specifically, Crimea. Initially what mainstream media portrayed was a ‘pro-Western’ public uprising in Ukraine that demanded integration with EU instead of Russia’s insistence on Eurasian Union. According to some economic analysts, the Eurasian Union carries the potential to be a ‘nightmare’ for the European Union as well as the United States. Right now it would be premature to call this uprising in Ukraine a ‘revolution’ but what is evident is the political energy in the common masses attempting to better their lives. Swift turns in takes have been made now with the referendum set up by Crimea to join Russia.

The EU and United States went forward to condemn this ‘illegal’ move as both viewed public support waning for European Union and bolstering for Eurasian Union. The parliament in Crimea went far enough to demand that Crimea be given the chance "to enter into the Russian Federation with the rights of a subject of the Russian Federation” – which naturally ruffled feathers in the West. Not only is Crimea positively sure of its move to join Russia, it is clear that Putin and his allies within the country and abroad care unabashed little for the threatening sanctions being waved about by Obama.

There is, however, a lot more to analyze at hand here. For starters, those suddenly afflicted with gloom and doom for Ukraine’s future were not so bothered in the past: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy expressed their reservations with Crimea’s move to join Russia and claimed it was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and sovereignty. But it becomes a little too ironic when neo-colonial forces like EU and Germany take ‘sincere’ interest in a small and hapless post-Soviet nation like Ukraine, which was otherwise neglected and on the verge of complete state failure on economic, political, social frontiers. Furthermore, accounts do reveal the reactionary nature of several right-wing fascist parties cementing dissent in Kiev to appease Western powers – this is something pro-Russia Crimean demonstrators vocalized in international media.

At this very moment, it is nearly impossible and even more impractical to spell out a prophecy of Crimea’s future along with Ukraine’s quandary but it is hoped that nefarious game players are removed from the domain and ultimately citizens may decide their own future.