It comes as good news that Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has agreed to provide US $ 100m for education sector for Sindh and Baluchistan. We hope that this ‘plan’ is implemented rather than shelved as many previous plans have been before. The successive governments in Pakistan remain reluctant to invest in this most vital sector. It is evident that lack of education is giving birth to many problems and this makes it imperative for the government to work fast and take comprehensive steps to avert any future problems.

The major issue is easy access to education and up-gradation of primary and middle schools which needs to be addressed in this new plan. It could be a great step towards prosperity for both provinces. People live in remote areas and it is difficult to send children to schools which are far away as there is no local, easy transport available. The dropout rate of students from secondary school to middle schools is shocking. We hope that this issue will be addressed in the next few years as pledged by sector plan. The commitment of the present government is tremendous and we must congratulate them for this step to improve life for the people of Pakistan.


Islamabad, March 5.