ISLAMABAD -  Minister for Information and Broadcasting and National Heritage Pervaiz Rashid on Friday said the main purpose of dialogue with Taliban was to establish peace and to rid the state and society of violence and extremism.

While talking to a private news channel, he said the main job of the peace committees was to establish contacts, which was never done in the last 13 years.

Another committee will be formed by the Prime Minister soon, which will further advance the process of dialogue and negotiations with the Taliban, the minister said.

The Minister said it was the government of the PML-N, which dared to confront challenges and made concerted efforts in seeking solutions to the issues.

He said that Pakistan was bottled up in the quagmire of terrorism due to the policies of a dictator.

He said army had always supported the government and all institutions were working in harmony and collaboration with each other. The minister said that Pakistan has a democracy now, where will of the people prevailed and their voice became more stronger than ever before.

The PML-N never compromised on its ideals and principles and it believed in the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution, he added.  He emphasised that judiciary was restored due to the efforts of the PML-N, media and civil society.

He said that the cost of funding of billions of rupees for the implementation of security policy was nothing if it made lives of people secure and brought peace on the soil.

The minister said that the Prime Minister would soon attend the session of the Upper House and address Senators representing all corners of the country.