It is obvious that failure of talks between Government and Taliban is gradually paving the way for military operation in North Waziristan. The military operation will ensue in migration of large number of people from these areas to other big cities. It is suspected that majority of these IDPs will rush towards Karachi. Everyone knows the reality of the last big military operation carried out against militants, in which many terrorists, under the guise of IDPs migrated to Karachi. Those militants spread out in the city, since then Karachi has faced unprecedented terrorism acts.

The new operation may once again give these ruthless elements the chance to migrate to large cities. As Karachi is already burning and facing complete chaos it would not be able to bear any more IDPs to be accommodated in the city. The federal government needs to keep an eye on the situation and should devise a mechanism to accommodate these IDPs in other areas of the country.


Shikarpur March 5.