BERLIN- Chief executive of the German Solar Energy Society,
Dr. Uwe Hartmann called on the Federal minister for Kashmir Affairs and
Gilgit-Baltistan, Muhammad Barjees Tahir today.

He briefed the minister about various activities of the society being
undertaken by it to promote new sustainable energy conversion techniques and
energy-saving technologies.
He said that the major aspect of society's work was education and spreading
information about renewable energies.

Federal Minister said that Pakistan had been facing acute shortage of
electricity and it had hampered the economic development badly. The Federal
government is striving hard to overcome this energy crisis and is also
trying to maintain a balanced energy mix to keep the average price of
electricity per unit as low as possible, he added. The
minister informed about various alternative energy projects including wind
and solar , which were being installed in the country.

It was agreed in the meeting that the German Solar Energy Society would
consider the possibility of setting up a Solar School in Pakistan to impart
training in developing, planning, dimensioning, installing, and
commissioning solar systems as well disseminate technical know how about the
alternative sources of energy . As a first step forward, the experts of the
society will train the trainers in the fields of photovoltaic, solar thermal
applications and energy efficiency.