NEW DELHI- India said it has serious concerns over terrorism in Pakistan and it has to deal with it in the best possible manner as terrorism "cannot be responded by terrorism".
"We have to deal with Pakistan in the best manner possible given the circumstances given the fact that we cannot respond terrorism with
terrorism. We are seen as a force for moderation, reason, stability and the good sense and that is a huge asset that we should never let go," Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh told women journalists at an event to mark International Women's Day.She also talked about "harsh realities" in Pakistan which need to be recognized. "We still have serious concerns about terrorism in Pakistan. We have serious concerns over many incidents that have happened that seemed to keep our efforts to normalize relations back," she said.            
She was asked if India was soft on Pakistan because there was a 'disconnect' between the political will and foreign policy implementation in the country. "We are all on the same page in the government," she added.