ISLAMABAD - Inflation has once again started increasing as Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended March 6 registered an increase of 0.35 per cent over the previous week.

The impact of inflation was much higher for the lowest income group, earning up to Rs 8000 per month, as SPI-based inflation increased by 0.63 per cent in the previous week, according to provisional figures released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Prices of basic food commodities increased during the period under review that accelerated the sensitive price indicator, which gauges weekly inflation in kitchen items. The SPI for the week under review for the highest income group (earning above Rs 35000 per month) was recorded at 211.96 points against 192.52 recorded in the previous week, showing an increase of 0.17 per cent. Similarly, the SPI for the combined income group registered an increase of 0.35 per cent during the week under review, standing at 210.44 points against 191.46 in the previous week. Compared to the corresponding week last year, the SPI for the combined group was recorded at 10.29 per cent.

Inflation rate had considerably reduced in last three months (December to February) as a result of no change in prices of petroleum products and a reduction in the prices of perishable food items due to their better availability in the market. However, the inflation has started increasing once again.

The PBS data showed that prices of 16 items have recorded increase in the week ended March 6 against previous year out of 53 items. However, prices of only 5 commodities registered decrease and rates of 32 goods remained unchanged.

Price of potatoes increased to Rs 40 per kg during last week against price of previous week of Rs 34 per kg. Similarly, tomatoes price enhanced to Rs 51 per kg from Rs 45 per kg. Rate of garlic surged to Rs 139 per kg from Rs 130 per kg. Price of sugar soared by Rs 2 to Rs 54 per kg. Price of moong pulse (washed) went up by Rs 3 per kg to Rs 145 per kg. Similarly, price of several other commodities like bananas, vegetable ghee (loose), salt (powdered) and rice basmati (broken) have also registered increased in the period under review.

The figures of PBS showed that prices of onions decreased by Rs one per kg to Rs 33. Petrol price declined to Rs 111.57 per liter from Rs 114.09 per liter. Chicken price reduced to Rs 166.2 per kg from Rs 169.26 per kg. Price of LPG (11 kg cylinder) went down to Rs 1433.53 from Rs 1452.35. Similarly, price of eggs (hens) decreased to Rs 117 per kg from Rs 118. The data showed that prices of rice irri-6 remained unchanged at Rs 54.26 per kg, beef at Rs 288 per kg, mutton at Rs 568 per kg, fresh milk Rs 69 per liter, kerosene oil at Rs 126.68 per liter and diesel at Rs 118.04 per liter the period under review over the last week.