HAZRU- Chief of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said government should hold talks with all militant groups.

“We had asked government to go for talks with all militants. It is matter of regret that government did not pay heed to what we had said without finding any technical fault in our stance. Due to this talks and explosions are going side by side” Fazlur Rehman said this while talking to journalists in Haroon and Daman villages of Hazru after his meeting with Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Zahoor ul Haq today.

He regretted that tribal people had been overlooked in the negotiations despite the fact it is said in writing that jirga of tribesmen will participate in peace talks. State is looking to be standing head on against certain groups due to ill conceived strategy of the government which is not good, he added.

No one except his party is opposing operation, he said adding “I had gone abroad for 14 days amid  the environment of  talks but when I returned I found the environment of operation everywhere.”

Pinning any hope on talks without setting them on right direction is useless, he underlined. Had legislation been enacted on the basis of Sharia then on one hand constitutional formalities would have been met and on the other hand Taliban would have been satisfied.

In all the matters we have to do chowkidari and other parties and their leadership rides on the tide of wind. It is we who have prevented talk’s process from sliding into operation and it is our desire country heads towards peace, he underscored.