In 2008 DHA Islamabad invited applications for balloting of 5 and 8 Marla residential plots in DHA Valley, advertised in all major newspapers and television channels. Citizens who had faith in our armed forces, invested their hard earned savings in hope of getting a plot in a reputed DHA housing scheme. This scheme was also open to general public and it is estimated that over 121,000 citizens applied. What was surprising is that all applicants were declared successful in what was advertised to be a transparent ‘Balloting Scheme.’

By May 2011 approximately Rs 80 billion was estimated to have been collected, before every installment’s due date, encouraging reports about development progress were regularly sent to all members. In July 2011 a letter was sent, for deferment of 12th installment “without surcharge of all those members who have paid up to 11th installment, till further notice from this office, ” by DHA Islamabad main office with assurance that the management remained committed to providing the land. It is now March of 2015 and there has been no letter or progress report, nor any advice about fate of billions of rupees collected from citizens and interest on deposits collected from them, while DHA Islamabad continues to expand and so do other schemes in which they are in partnership with major real estate tycoons. What about those who have already paid them the money? Where is the promised land?


Lahore, March 2.