LAHORE: The Aaghaz Foundation and Lahore Bar Association have entered into an agreement to provide free legal aid to 100 women litigants under strengthening district bar associations and setting up kiosks programme.

The capacity building of around 300 lawyers is also the part of the programme which is jointly funded by USAID and Aurat Foundation.

Foundation head Zafar Malik and Association president Arshad Jahangir Jhoja signed the agreement at a ceremony held at bar office here on Monday.

“Women Support Group” of Lawyers was officially launched through this meeting. This support group is comprised of young and enthusiastic lawyers who will provide free legal aid under the project.

Aaghaz spokesperson Summaya Yousaf said the kiosks will be set up in the continuing month while the free legal aid to litigants will be started from next month.

“The lawyers capacity building will be done on women related laws and gender sensitive legal aid provision,” she said.

Addressing the ceremony, Zafar Malik appreciated the passing of Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2015 by Punjab Assembly.

"The Punjab Assembly’s measures deserve praise but it is important to remember that cosmetic and purely procedural changes have not had an impact in the past. So the law will only make a difference if there is effective enforcement and the legislature continues to engage with the issue and ensures oversight," he held. –Staff Reporter