ISLAMABAD - Hussain Nawaz Sharif while rejecting Imran Khan’s allegations about the Sharif family’s Rs 6 billion bank default, categorically stated that they were ready to face justice if the same were proved true.

“Imran Khan always talks about the bank default, but he should have some evidence, like the name of the banks the Sharif family has defaulted against,” he said while speaking in a private television talk show aired on Monday night.

Hussain Nawaz said he owned apartments in London and three offshore companies, which were according to law and involved no illegality.

He wondered how Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was making wrong assessments about their assets abroad.

Hussain Nawaz said his brother Hasan Nawaz was doing business in London for the last over 20 years, who used to purchase run-down properties at low prices and sell them after refurbishment.

He also rejected Imran Khan’s criticism against the high cost of Metro project. Such projects could not be compared with other countries as values of real estate differed from country to country.

Replying to a question, Hussain Nawaz said investigation against corruption should be carried out in every part of the country.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif or the Prime Minister House never intervened in the affairs of the corruption watchdogs, including National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Answering a question, Hussain Nawaz said there should be fair accountability across the board against corruption.

“If there are any issues in Punjab requiring probe, there should be no bar on initiating accountability there,” he said.

He said neither his father Muhammad Nawaz Sharif nor the Prime Minister’s Office neither interfered in the accountability process nor obstructed it.

Commenting on the Lahore Metro Bus Service project, he rejected the impression that it was over-billed and urged opponents to avoid unnecessary criticism.

He said Imran Khan’s claim of Metro project being expensive comparing the identical projects abroad lacked rationale.

“If Imran Khan wanted to compare Istanbul’s Metro project, he should produce that country’s official data. He should tell the people as to where he had collected the data about the metro bus service,” he added.

Hussain said that the authorities attached with the Metro Bus Service had time and again clarified facts about the project through media.

Replying to a question, he said when the Sharif family was forced into exile, it was penniless, but some close friends and sympathizers had loaned them without any condition to start business. All of those loans, he added, had been paid back on time.

During this course of time, he said the Sharif family had bought an abandoned a mill in Dubai and restored it. No foreign government extended any financial support to the Sharif family for establishing business.      He said the steel mills, he had refurbished in Jeddah, had been sold when there was a boom in the steel industry in 2005, which helped settle financial matters.

Answering a question, Hussain said the Prime Minister House never instructed NAB or any other corruption watchdog to stop the accountability process.

Hussain called on accountability bodies to try former president Pervez Musharraf.

He said he could forgive Pervez Musharraf for what he did to them but what he did to the country was irreparable. Musharraf was accused of persecuting the Sharif family after overthrowing the PML-N government in 1999.

He said the Sharif family was forced into exile bare-handedly and he was imprisoned for 14 months for nothing.

He said his father had been falsely implicated in the plane hijacking case and that Musharraf failed to prove any corruption charges against the family.

“Would Musharraf have pardoned us, had we been involved in any corruption?” he questioned.

Hussain Nawaz said Musharraf had conveyed a message through late Majeed Nizami that Nawaz Sharif could be allowed to travel anywhere, if he appointed PML-N president of his (Musharraf) choice.

Commenting on assets of the Sharif family, Hussain Nawaz said both Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif owned one sugar mills each.