Activities, seminars, talk shows and various other platforms for highlighting the oppression of women surface with the arrival of International Women’s Day. The day serves as a reminder for the world and patriarchy that emancipation of women’s status and unbiased acknowledgement of feminine attributes are the only way towards a society based on justice and equality. In developing countries where patriarchy is at its zenith women are seldom seen or allowed in public spaces. National Students Federation firmly believes that until women reclaim public space and assert their existence patriarchy won’t hinge away. Therefore, on the occasion of International Women’s Day the students of NSF took to streets and painted the walls of Karachi feminine.

NSF’s aim is to assert the existence of women through graffiti on the walls of Karachi. NSF’s campaign ‘Painting Feminism’ initiated on 8th March, students from various educational institutions will paint feminism on the walls of Karachi up till 13th March. The campaign will reach its final phase on 13th March at Karachi Press Club where feminism will acquire its place on walls and slogans for liberation of women will be raised. The aim is to paint the whole city feminine.

Walls covered by hate-speech, political party’s slogans and dirt will be painted feminine in order to exude a positive message of empowerment for women.

Regarding NSF’s initiative, NSF’s Unit Secretary of Pak Colony Unit,Nazneen Qureshi stated that, there is a dire need to change the mind sets of people regarding women. No matter how much women show up in public sphere and reclaim the public sphere, they will always remain an infinitesimal part of a whole society subjugated to patriarchy. To achieve empowerment, efforts from grass root level are required for we need no to focus on miniscule percentage of the society but towards the larger part which does not even recognise their oppression.

Subsequently, General Secretary NSF, Kabir Ali said that, male members of the society needs to realise and understand the privilege their being male has provided them. After understanding the unwarranted privilege granted to men of this society, there lies the possibility of change. Women suffer a lot due to this male privilege, regardless of women being in the domestic sphere or workplace. Gender based bias is a reality and men needs to acknowledge and diminish these privileges from within them.

Enthusiasm was witnessed among the students coming up from various educational students to feminise the walls of Karachi.

Walls of the Karachi city endorsing and celebrating feminism indeed is a step ahead on the path ofequality and justice.