Mandi Bahaudding, which consists of 1,392,000 people, is faced with poor road infrastructure thereby causing frequent traffic jams and accidents.

Due to lack of roads and parking places in major towns, traffic jams have become a daily routine. The situation turns worse at opening and closing times of educational institutions and when the crossing gates are closed for the passage of trains.

Successive governments promised to build overhead bridge on railway crossings to end traffic jams but no progress has so far been made. People demand that the government should fulfill its promises to build overhead bridges at crossings and to widen road infrastructure for smooth flow of traffic and saving time of public.

The people also demanded repairing of Victoria Bridge over River Jhelum near Malakwal. This bridge connects Malakwal with Pinddaden Khan.

According to Punjab Development Statistics 2011, total population of Mandi Bahauddin district is 1,392,000 thousand persons, out of which 713,000 are males and 679,000 are females. The district spreads over an area of 2,673 square kilometre and comprises three Tehsils - Mandi, Phalia and Malakwal.