Govt manages to turn around economy

Lahore (Staff Reporter): The international financial agencies have declared that Pakistan’s economy is back on track and it has made significant progress during the last few months. PML-N Traders Wing general secretary Shahid Nazir said an International Agency Bloomberg in its report said the government has managed to turn around the economy after social disturbance in the mid of last year. Similarly, Moody’s has declared Pakistan’s economy from stable to positive category due to its sustainable foreign currency reserves and stability of its Bonds in international market. He said due to improvement in macroeconomic indicators, international Bank for Reconstruction and Development has also allowed Pakistan to deal with it for any loan.

Pakistan has undergone a series of positive developments that merit recognition.

He said that abundant coal reserves and access to water flowing from the Himalayas mean we could be the ‘Saudi Arabia of Coal’ and the ‘Saudi Arabia of Hydropower. We also have significant wind, solar and geothermal potential.

GREE presents innovative tech

at HVACR Exhibition

Lahore (PR): GREE Electronics is a globally leading brand of electronics and air-conditioners. Its high quality products are distributed in the Pakistan market by the DWP Group. This innovative technology leader is among the key participants at the HVACR Exhibition, held from 3rd to 5thMarch 2016, at the Expo Center Karachi. The Director Sales of GREE China – Mr. Ricky Yin, personally attended the prestigious exhibition in Karachi, along with the Regional Sales Manager of GREE – Mr. Cosmo Iam, the Chief Operating Officer of DWP – Mr. Rizwan Butt and the Country Manager, HVAC Division of DWP – Mr. Malik Tariq. The top executives highlighted the latest advancements in air-conditioning technologies.

Gree has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers. Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable air conditioners, to ensure best performance in the country’s environment and climate.

There is a rapidly increasing trend in Pakistan market, as the consumers are now opting for Airconditioners based on Inverter technology, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and the overall cost of airconditioning. A research study was conducted in Pakistan recently, in which the data reveals that; Although there are various brands of Inverter ACs available at varying prices, it is evident that the lower-priced Airconditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance and reliability promised by Gree. The most important feature of the Gree Inverter AC is its unique electric module, which contains a microprocessor for controlling the unit’s internal temperature.

No compromise on quality of training

Lahore (PR): No compromise will be made on the quality of training imparted at TEVTA Institutes across the province of the Punjab. The youth of the province of the Punjab is our asset.  Quality training will prosper their future.  Govt. of the Punjab will train 20 lac youth upto 2018 under Punjab Skills Strategy.  TEVTA will achieve its target to train 5 lac 41 thousands youth prior to the stipulated period.  It was stated by Chairperson TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh while addressing the All Punjab District Managers conference at TEVTA Secretariat here yesterday.  Chief Operating Officer Jawad Ahmed Qureshi, Deputy General Manager Mustafa Kamal Pasha and other officers were also present on this occasion.

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said the participants of the conference that District Managers will play their role to successfully get the mark to enroll 5 lac 41 thousands youth of the province of the Punjab.  TEVTA has given free admission to 20 thousand unemployed youth in the Industry Demand Driven short courses (IDDs).  These 46 short courses have been started at selected 301 TEVTA Institutes in 3rdphase on the recommendation of relevant industry.  A number of 42 thousands have already been given training in first and second phase of Industry Demand Driven short courses.

Chairperson TEVTA further said that promotion of technical education across the province of the Punjab is the priority of the Chief Minister Punjab.  TEVTA is doing efforts to train the unemployed youth of the province.  Trainees are given one thousand monthly stipends to meet their travelling expenditures.  They are also provided free training material during their training period.  TEVTA also pays the expenditures related to registration with technical board, he concluded.

Amjad Latif takes charge


Lahore (PR): Amjad Latif has been given additional charge of Managing Director in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL). He has an illustrious carrier of over 35 years in Transmission, Distribution, Construction, Operations, and maintenance of natural gas pipeline systems. Latif has served in numerous key positions at SNGPL including Dy. Managing Director (OPS), Sr. General Manager (D), General Manager (Ops), General Manager (FSD), etc while immensely contributing towards efficient operations of the gas Company. He has been a strong advocate of reducing the UFG / Line losses in the gas Company while successfully bringing it below 10% after a long time, owing to his relentless efforts in the matter.

Mr. Latif is also successfully undertaking the largest gas infrastructure development in Pakistan extending beyond 1000 Km in order to ensure the speedy import of RLNG into the country for effective mitigation of sever energy shortfall. This development plan includes setting up of compressors stations along with SMS cum CMS for the power stations with each having a capacity of around 200 MMCFD. He is also serving as Member of the Board of the Governors of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Mr. Latif has attended a whole host of local and international courses on energy sector management, pipelines operations, administration etc during his career. He also features a brilliant academic career have graduation in Engineering from UET and Law degree from BZU. He has been the president of the student union of Engineering University Lahore. He has also being the best debater in the inter university championships.

Farmers advised to complete Amla plantation

MULTAN (APP): Agriculture experts have advised farmers to complete plantation of new Amla plants or budding process on the older plants by March end to get good production of the nutritious fruit, a natural antioxidant. Farmers can get top quality fruit by grafting on old plants through T-budding process, experts said in a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department on Monday. The health benefits of Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, can be partially attributed to its high vitamin-C content. Amla enhances food absorption, balances stomach acid, fortifies the liver, nourishes the brain and mental functioning, supports the heart, strengthens the lungs and regulates elimination of free radicals.

, enhances fertility, helps the urinary system, increases skin health, promotes healthier hair, acts as a body coolant, flushes out toxins, increases vitality, strengthens eyes, improves muscle tone and, acts as an antioxidant.

For grafting through T-budding, farmers should cut the plant from top maintaining its height at four feet in the month of March so that it becomes ready for grafting in Aug-Sep.

For plantation of new saplings, farmers should dig three feet deep ditches for each new plant and keep them open for 20-25 days and then fill them with mixture of three equal parts of dug soil from top portion, fertile soil (Bhal), and animal waste fertilizers.

Water be sprinkled on each point and sapling be planted in the middle. Hot and humid weather conditions were suitable for Amla growth, however, it is also cultivated in areas where weather is medium hot and semi-humid.

Sandy fertile land containing organic material and better water drainage facility was better for production.

Amla is cultivated through seeds or botanical techniques, however, seed sown crop delivers short sized fruit of lower characteristics while those grown through grafting or other botanical techniques like T-budding deliver top quality fruit.

Amla contains higher quantity of Vitamin C and can be effective against diabetes. Amla dipped in sugar syrup traditionally called 'Murabba' is not only a tasty food but also beneficial for heart, brain and eye sight.

Amla also beneficial in tackling diseases like asthma, and bronchitis and it contains calcium, phosphorous, iron, carotin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Vitamin C.