LAHORE  - The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust is holding a special sitting on the “World Women Day” with the topic “The Women’s Role in the progress and stability of Pakistan” at the Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan Tuesday.

The programme will be held in collaboration with the Pakistan Movement Workers Trust.

The sitting will be chaired by the gold-medalist Pakistan Movement Workers Begum Khalida Munir-ud-Din Chughtai, whereas the speakers will include Begum Surayya KH Khurshid, Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal, Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Begum Bushra Rehman, Prof Dr Parveen Khan, Begum Safia Ishaq, Prof Musarrat Kalanchvi and Umm-e-Laila (Home-Net).

International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year.