Rawalpindi - Regional Police Officer (RPO) Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja has ordered massive crackdown on kite flyers and those involved in aerial firing across the region. The RPO also directed police officers to place special checking points at all the entry points of the region to stop supply of kites and metal strings to the city, and take punitive action against the kite sellers, informed police spokesman yesterday. This move was made ahead of news of celebration of Basant on March 10-11 in the region, he said.

According to him, the RPO following the orders of Punjab government strictly ordered the police force to launch crackdown on the kite sellers and those who are found involved in aerial firing. He said that Basant was banned and nobody would be allowed to defy law. The RPO instructed the police to place checkpoints at all the entry points to stop the supply of kites and twines, besides using night vision goggles to spot the violators.

He also ordered police to raid all the markets, plazas, houses and secret places where kites and twine sale was on.