ISLAMABAD - Players have been suffering due to irresponsible attitude of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera and his blue-eyed Dr Waqar who are depriving the athletes of basic medal facilities.

It was learnt reliably that a number of irregularities were reported in the PSB medical centre which included Dr Waqar’s irresponsible behavior who has given all the powers and store keys to his yes-man Bagh Ali, who despite completing his service, was hired on contract.

The players have to suffer a huge embracement due to Bagh, who takes keys of store with him while on the other hand, the players and athletes have to wait for him to get medicines and they are not provided medicines after 4pm. When this scribe asked PSB DG Ganjera about it, he said he was unaware of that and then changed his stance saying, “We have hired three medical stores in Abbpara market, where athletes are provided medicines.”

When this scribe told Ganjera about a lot of complaints of irregularities and misuse of funds against Dr Waqar, who despite being the WADA president and attending all the international tours, never ever bothered to conduct workshops for players and gave them lectures on doping, Ganjera once again claimed that he was also unaware of that.

It is interesting to note that Dr Waqar is the right hand of Ganjera, who takes him to every tour and despite having four other doctors at medical centre, who actually perform duties dutifully, were never given opportunity to embark on international tours to get much-needed exposure.

The reliable sources in the PSB told this correspondent that the players had time and again suffered due to non-availability of required medicines at the medical centre while on the other hand, private dignitaries and blue-eyed of high-profile persons are given VIP protocol besides provision of free medicines. “Dr Waqar allegedly pressurises other doctors to sign on different bills and even threatens them of dire consequences in case they resist or refuse to obey undue orders.

“There are reports of mega corruption in purchase of medicines for the medical centre, as Dr Waqar whole-solely purchases medicines and despite never present on his seat, with the exception of VIP patients. Waqar is involved in all the major decisions and despite raising voice against Ganjera once, he is yet considered as right hand of the PSB DG,” they added.

When asked about maintenance/renovation work of the Allama Iqbal Hostel and other sites which was linger on and he was least bothered about conducting inquiry against the contractors for major flaws in renovation work, Ganjera termed the work satisfactory and as per schedule and said: “The contractors still have three months left according to the contract, but we are forcing them to hand over the hostel as per our requirement.”

The sources said at one end, Ganjera issued a letter number F-47-10-2016-PSB (SO) admitting various drawbacks/shortcomings of renovation work of Allama Iqbal Hostel, roof, kitchen, washrooms and observed work at hostel being delayed due to several reasons, and appointed assistant director hostels Malik Imtiaz Hussain as liaison officer with the executive engineer (Civil) and contractor (copy of the said letter is lying with the reporter) but on the other hand, he was protecting the contractors.

“Despite knowing about mega scandals of PSB DG and irregularities in the PSB, the IPC minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada or the secretary never bothered to take action against Ganjera. The minister is not ready to listen to the complaints of the masses, media and whole-heartedly defending the PSB DG against all the odds,” the sources said.

It is interesting to note here that instead of rectifying his mistakes and ensure rule of law in the complex, Ganjera has banned Daily The Nation in Pakistan Sports Complex, just to hide facts from the commoners. When Ganjera was queried in this regard, he replied: “It is my provocative as PSB DG. We are using newspapers as per our requirement.”

The sources said that the PSB GD denied to ban The Nation, but the ground reality was completely different from his tall claims. The sources revealed not even a single copy of The Nation was seen in the entire complex, even in the head office, where Ganjera’s army of secretaries both males and females present him cuttings of different newspapers on daily basis.

To a query regarding purchasing sports good for Quaid-e-Azam Games, Ganjera was unable to answer the simple question. To another query regarding conducting the meetings of Grade-19 officer and inviting female officials as low as grade-7 in meetings, he said: “It is my provocative and it is according to PSB constitution. I am authorised to keep as many secretaries, personal secretaries, I like.”

The irregularities are on its peak in the PSB and the IPC minister is least bothered about taking action bungling PSB DG, now it is only Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who can save declining Pakistan sports. The PM should take action against incompetent PSB high ups and must take the cuprlits to task as it is the only way to save sinking ship of Pakistan sports.