Like other countries, Pakistan is also celebrating Women's Day to acknowledge the services rendered by women in the development of the country.

It is beyond any doubt that women play a significant role in development of society. Even in the current scenario women have stood shoulder to shoulder with men for the greater cause of serving humanity. But it is highly unfortunate that their efforts have not been given due recognition in society.

In the name of various customs, rituals and practices, women are still being deprived of the legitimate rights. Consequently, the women in Pakistan are found in abysmal state.

The need of hour is to give women workplace and business environment that support and welcome them to improve society at a large. A mass movement that Pakistan desperately needs to help push it out of economic and social quagmire in which it finds itself today.

No nation can rise to the height of glory unless their women are standing alongside men.

In Pakistan, women are victims of evil customs. They are still subjected to domestic violence, acid attacks, honour killing and forced marriages.

The prevention of domestic violence Act 2008 was passed unanimously by the National Assembly, but the bill lapsed after the senate failed to pass it within three months period required under the condition.

Legally, the pro-women bills have been passed in recent past but the need of hour is to strictly implement those laws to empower women. There is much weight in calls by women groups to set up an implementation mechanism because it’s quite common to put laws on paper but there is only little the government is doing to enforce these laws.

The creation of an implementation mechanism is required to put these laws into practice and strengthen the struggle to eradicate the appalling customs of society.

It is high time our women stand for their rights.