ISLAMABAD-Former Baluchistan Squash Association (BSA) president Sher Ali Kakar has filed contempt of court application against Pakistan Squash Federation high ups.

The case was filed against Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, honorary secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz and vice president Tahir Khanzada in the court of Civil Jude-III, Quetta.

Sher Ali, who is the chairman of Balochistan Squash Association in his civil suit application under section 3 and 4 of the Contempt of Court act read with order 39 rule 2 (3) CPC for initiating Contempt of Court procedure proceeding against the respondent, according to his plea, that on 28th February 2017 the Plaintiff/applicant filed a suit for Declaration and Permanent injunction before the Learned District Judge Quetta, which was marked to court along suit the applicant also file an application Under Order 39 Rule 1, 2 CPC.

That after filling the suit as well as application under order 39 rule 1 and 2 the court after arguments stop and restrained the dependents/Respondents to hold the Annual General Meeting on 1st March 2017, that after getting certified copy of dated 28-03-2017 the plaintiff/Applicant send the stay order copy to respondents through fax, email and whatsup, which were received by defendants/respondents on the same day, the order copy is also received throughout country  by newspapers and media and this news also appears in the 1st March 2017 newspapers The Nation and The News about courts order, but instead of all efforts order of the court the defendants held the AGM.

On 2nd March, newspapers also cover the violation and ignorance of defendants about the order passed by the court, it is important to mention here that defendant no 2 categorically reply to the newspapers reporter that we don’t accept the status of plaintiff therefore the court suspend the minutes of 44th Annual General Meeting which was held in Islamabad on 1st March 2017 in presence of defendant No 1 and 2.

No one is above the law and the order so passed by the Competent Court  of law is binding upon all the defendants/respondents departments/institution etc, but respondent no 1 and  2 despite having knowledge of passing of injunction order produced before them by the applicant have deliberately and intentionally did not take into consideration the said order, rather they willfully violated the order/direction of  the court by issuing the order dated 01 -03- 2107 and in this manner the respondents no 1 and 2 deliberately and intentionally committed contempt of the direction/order of the court and thus he made himself liable to be prosecuted under the law, hence this application.

While talking to The Nation Sher Ali Kakar said, I prayed with the court that in view of the above circumstances the court may graciously issue contempt notice to respondent no 1, Sohail Aman President Pakistan Squash Federation and  respondent no 2 Amir Nawaz (Group Captain), Honorary Secretary after that initiate contempt proceedings against the respondent for willfully violating the order passed by the court and they be dealt with in accordance with law in the interest of Justice fair play equity please, I had always stand up to guard the interest of the players and referees of my province, despite given assurances by then senior vice president Razi Nawab and Amir Nawaz that in future n equal treatment would be rendered but they once again backed off from all the promises, I wanted to contest vice president elections, as it is my and everybody’s right to contest, I am not going to sit back and allow certain individuals to dictate terms and deny deserving players and officials their due share, Kakar concluded.

When this correspondent contacted Pakistan Squash Federation Honorary Secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz to seek his point of view and what next and whether the federation is ready to give due share to other provinces or come certain provinces will rule the roost, Amir denied receiving any court orders, we didn’t receive Civil Court orders not to conduct March 1 AGM and neither we receive any Contempt of court notice, when we receive the court orders, we will defend our point of view in the court, Amir concluded.