While defending Imran Khan’s allegedly derogatory comments against the foreign players that participated in the PSL, former Pakistani captain and legendary batsman Javed Minadad said the word ‘phateechar’ (literal meaning decrepit), used by Khan, is a ‘regular cricketing term’.

“These are regular cricketing terms and every cricketer knows them. In Karachi we have been using these terms from ages,” Miandad said on a TV talk-show.

“We have been regularly using the word ‘phateechar’ for batsmen and bowlers,” he further explained.

The former teammate of Imran Khan said Khan’s comments are being exaggerated and they aren’t a big deal at all.

“I don’t consider them problematic at all, because I know the background of these terms,” he asserted.

Miandad, however, was of the view that real issue is the lie by PSL Chairman Najam Sethi who alleged that Kevin Pietersen did not come to Pakistan because of Imran Khan .

“It is a huge allegation, and it needs to be highlighted especially after Pietersen has come out and clarified that it was his own decision and Imran Khan had nothing to do with it,” he said. “English players never play if there is a security risk and we all know it already,” he added.

The legendary batsman further said exhibits like the brawls between politicians in the National Assembly are bigger issues and need to be discussed instead.

“The whole nation saw when they fought in the National Assembly. This is a real issue,” he concluded.