HAFIZABAD-Islam as a religion and the Constitution of Pakistan fully guarantee fundamental rights to the women and attaches, great importance to their welfare and education, State Minister for Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar said.

Addressing a gathering held here in Jinnah Public Hall to observe International Women Day, she said that the incumbent government has taken several revolutionary steps to empower women and ensure their respect and dignity.

A large number of working women, teachers, officials and girl students attended the function. She said that character and dress of women upgrade or degrade their integrity and dignity in the society. It is, therefore, imperative for the women to strictly adopt Islamic teachings and present them as role model in the society. She particularly stressed upon the women to focus on the character-building of their sons and daughters to enable them become responsible citizens as well as to create healthy atmosphere and to brighten their talents. She regretted that negative image of women in Pakistan is unfortunately being presented outside the country by vested interests whereas the women in the country are playing their pivotal and distinctive role in the development of the country particularly in education, health, social welfare, sports and politics.

She also urged the men to give due respect to the women so as to enable them to stair up the stages of success in the world.

In her address, ADC (General) Marzia Hasnain Changezi maintained that education is ‘sine qua non’ for the mental and social uplift of the women. There is no dearth of talented women in the country who are playing vital role in judiciary, armed forces, bureaucracy and other departments,” she pointed out, adding that such women are the real assets to the nation and the country.

She further said that the government has provided ample opportunities to the women to show their competence and capabilities in different fields of life.