MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Pedestrians are deprived of their right to use roads as the footpaths have been encroached and the people have to risk their life by using the road for reaching their destinations.

There is no walkway or track along the roads to be used by pedestrians and cyclists. Walking and cycling on the roads is dangerous and almost impossible. Therefore, the parents are forced to send their children to schools and colleges on rickshaws or vans.

Those with weak financial position are constrained to stop their children to continue education and consequently they are dropped out from the schools. Farmers also face problem to take their animals from one place to other since it is extremely difficult to take animals by roads or highways. They have to hire transport for carrying animals to cattle market or veterinary hospitals even if the distance is short. Thus, the pedestrians, cyclists and farmers who constitute majority of population are being deprived of their right to use roads.

People from lower segments of the society have urged government to take note of their plight and arrange walkways, tracks and footpaths alongside roads, highways and bazaars for their use.