Karachi - Sindh Assembly on Tuesday rejected resolutions condemning Sehwan blast and demanding implementation of Urdu as the official language in Sindh.

The assembly session started an hour behind schedule, and was presided over by Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani.

The resolution pertaining to condemnation of attack on the shrine of Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was presented by Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Parliamentary Leader Nand Kumar and was rejected by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Nisar Ahmed Khuhro.

The minister contended that the opposition had lost its chance to table a resolution because they were given a chance on Monday to participate in debate on the issue but they showed no interest in it.

He said that since the issue was discussed in the previous sitting, therefore it could not be discussed again as per the ruling of the speaker of the assembly.

The remarks from Khuhro caused furor in the assembly and the members of opposition parties walked out of the House to register their protest.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Hussain of MQM said that the resolution was not against the rules as the speaker had not allowed bringing in a resolution on Monday and the proceedings remained limited to debate only.

The resolution was later rejected with a voice vote. Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker Kamran Akhter tabled another resolution demanding implementation of Urdu as the official language of the province.

The minister for parliamentary affairs opposed the resolution, saying that it was in everybody’s knowledge that Urdu is our national language and there is no need to introduce any resolution in this regard.

However, the MQM lawmaker refused to withdraw his resolution, and said that it was the direction from the apex court to implement Urdu as the official language; therefore the resolution should be passed in the House.

The resolution was later rejected through a voice vote. PML-F lawmaker Shehryar Khan Maher also tabled a private resolution over the worst condition of the government schools and called for their immediate renovation.

The resolution from Maher was applauded by the lawmakers and on the assurance given by the minister for education that the issue would be addressed, the PML-F lawmaker withdrew his resolution.  

Similarly, the House approved a resolution demanding K-Electric to move immediately towards Time of Usage (TOU) metering and billing.

The minister for parliamentary affairs supported the resolution and it was unanimously passed from the house.

Speaking on it, Khurram Sher Zaman said that NEPRA had authorised KE to charge Rs 18 per unit for four hours only, but it was charging the same rate for 24 hours.

He accused that the electric company was charging the domestic consumers 40 percent in excess and was looting the people through various tactics.

Speaking on it PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Abbasi called for sending the issue of KE to the standing committee so that proper recommendations could be made and then sent to the federal authorities for implementation.

PPP lawmaker from Lyari also blasted the KE over excessive billing and said that he had held a sit-in against the KE in Lyari over excessive billing and the company had closed its service centers in the area. Similarly, PTI lawmaker Seema Zia tabled a resolution demanding to halt dumping of sewage into sea until and unless it was treated and filtered and made safe for the inhabitants.

The resolution was later altered and the federal government was asked to give its promised contribution of 50 percent for the S-III sewerage project.

The resolution was unanimously passed by the House.

The House left 23 motions, seeking amendments to the Rules of Procedure, unaddressed.

Five Private Motions on various issues that appeared on the agenda were not taken up by the House as well.

The session was later adjourned for Wednesday.