LAHORE - A solo painting exhibition featuring the artwork of Hussain Chandio was held on Tuesday at Hamail Art gallery.

Prof Dr Shahida Manzoor of University College of Art & Design, Punjab University, inaugurated the exhibition titled “Pastoral Paradise”.

The paintings showcased not only the natural objects but also the faces of the most ordinary people of rural Sindh. Their natural beauty may have been seen far away owing to their poverty and their tough social condition yet there is much innocence that one can observe the simple journey they make on local vehicles, bikes animals and on feet.

Sindh has always been the land of peace, love, great cultural and artistic values, and Sindhi culture has always been found in Pakistan’s rich repertoire of folk traditions. It is limiting to define Pakistani cultural identity accounting the vibrant subcultures of its cities, which are particularly local but also conversant with global trends.

Speaking about his inspiration and work, Hussain Chandio said that as an artist, he has tried to paint the innocence and simplicity on canvas to make their shapes immortal like the way poets make their beloved immortal in their poetry. “I belong from Hyderabad, and I love painting with bird’s eye view,” he added.

Dr Shahida, on the occasion, said that the subjects featured in Chandio’s paintings are quintessentially Sindhi. “The beauty of such objects mesmerise us in a way that is simply amused with their magnificent beauty.

“The people of Sindh are not outsiders; their culture is part of our society. Students are also getting involved with the local craftsmen and that is why the artist’s work is appealing a large number of audiences,” she added.