The Special court ordered the authorities to take possessions of the properties of former President and Army Chief Gen Pervaiz Musharaf (R).

The Court ordered this while hearing the treason case against Pervaiz Musharaf. 

A special bench was formed for hearing the case against Pervaiz Musharaf in 2013 against the charges of imposing extra-judicial emergency  in November 2007.

The three member bench is headed by Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Yahya Afridi. The other two members are Chief Justice Lahore High Court Yawar Hayat and Balouchistan high court Justice Tahira Safdar.

The court has asked the officials of FIA that what measures have been taken for bringing back Musharaf? Officials replied they will take any actions when Interior Ministry will send request to them in this regard.

Chief Justice Afridi then ordered to confiscate the properties of Pervaiz Musharaf. Akhtar Shah, Musharaf’s lagal counsel, asked the court to wait untill March 21.

Then hearing has adjourned till March 21.

Meanwhile, Farogh Naseem  has exempted himself from the legal team of Musharaf.

In March 2014, Musharaf had appeared before the court and rejected every charges against him. Later on, he flew to Dubai for some medical treatment when his name was removed from the ECL(Exit Control List) on March 18, 2016.