ISLAMABAD : Taking notice of 282 youth complaints with Pakistan Citizens’ Portal, Prime Minister Imran directed the Ministry of Finance on Thursday to immediately release payment to some 29,000 youth who were not paid with stipends.

The officials at Ministry of Finance were on its toes and soon after the direction from the Prime Minister released the amount of Rs941 million due on account of these pending stipends of the students.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was himself keeping watch on the working of Pakistan Citizens’ Portal and on noticing some 282 identical complaints of students regarding non-payment of stipends to them Prime Minister himself intervened in the matter to redress these complaints so some 29000 students would be getting their struck up stipends in a next few days.

Pakistan Citizens’ Portal played its effective role in getting the approval and release of funds for the payment of outstanding dues in terms of stipends since March 2018, and for which the youth had been running from pillar to post, a statement issued from PM Office read.

The government and the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit were fully cognizant of the sensitivity of the issue and the fact that the country could not achieve progress without addressing the problems of youth, which were a true asset of Pakistan. That was why the matter was placed for approval by the Prime Minister, it was further stated in the statement.

In line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PM’s Delivery Unit would continue to strive for resolving the problems of every segment of society, the statement added.

In first 24 days of its launch Pakistan Citizens’ Portal had received over one lakh complaints and this figure was swelling as the reports of the efficacy of the online complaint system was spreading among the masses.