American novelist and cultural critic James Baldwin warned the world not so long ago not to take the “civilised ones seriously” when they show concern for the sanctity of human life. With the latest move of the American President Donald Trump revoking a policy that required the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to account for civilian deaths from drone strikes reflects American neglect for civilian lives abroad. The decision of Trump shows that he does not care even a bit for the loss of civilian lives while securing the national interests of the United States (US).

The world already knows how different presidents – both democrats and republicans alike – violated the sanctity of human life through interventions in many regions of the world. However, most of them carried such actions covertly. But Trump is different. With Trump’s decision of reversing the accountability, there is no argument left in the arsenal of the proponents of a drone strike to call such attacks legal.

With Trump’s decision, any future drone strikes will be in clear violation of international law. Even the American hawks would find it challenging to take shelter under a liberal interpretation of article 51 of the United Nations Charter that they have been interpreting to cover their interventions and violations of territorial sovereignty of other countries under the guise of pre-emptive self-defence.

Is it not correct to think of Trump as evil as the terrorists and their equivalent who do not care a bit for the rights of civilians and unprotected who find themselves trapped in a battlefield? The decision of the US president has placed a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the US citizens to fight the unjust decision of their Trump. Trump’s decision to give a free hand to the CIA in its drone warfare is nothing but a self-inflicted wound. The decision will increase the intensity of anti-American sentiments – owing to American interventions in one country after another – that have reached new levels in recent times.