The government has passed the third budget for the current fiscal year which has caused a lot of controversy in the National Assembly (NA). This budget is expected to facilitate the businesses and the local industry in Pakistan, which has been working in an air of confusion and uncertainty ever since the launch of the accountability narrative. If this works out in their favour, there are significant chances that the economy will show an upward trajectory.

There was also a staunch retaliation from the opposition parties because they are of the opinion that the government has not provided any plausible solutions for the decrease in revenue collection in the current fiscal year. Another factor causing grievances is the attempt by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) government during the last tenure to increase the tax net by making it difficult for non-filers to purchase luxury cars, which has been revoked by the current government.

Finance Minister Asad Umer needs to provide a detailed analysis of why the ministry has preferred immediate revenue collection by allowing non-filers to purchase luxury cars over the expansion of the current tax net. It is the job of the government, in this day and age, to make it difficult for non-filers of tax to purchase commodities. The government is already witnessing a record low in revenue collection with barely any space in the current GDP to find more sources of revenue. With such a condition, the government needs to take some bold decisions, which will make a certain group uncomfortable but that is necessary. The average consumer these days is burdened by the price hikes and with the current fiscal growth, a major chunk of the Pakistani population is expected to fall below the poverty line.

These grievances must be addressed along with allowing the space to opposition parties to debate out the issues concerning the budget. At this point, the debate suggests that the government has unilaterally taken the decision for the new budget. opposition parties already feel alienated by the system and for the growth and development in all of the country, it is necessary to join forces and allow democratic principles to play their part. At the same time, the opposition also needs to engage in a healthy debate rather than staging walkouts on every session of the National Assembly (NA).