Every year on 8th March, International Women’s day is celebrated and recognized worldwide. This day has its own importance in many ways. In numerous countries seminars, conferences and marches were arranged for the support and favor of women. Specifically, on this day, women’s achievements, work, and sacrifices were acknowledged in different platforms.

A great debate is arranged on gender discrimination, women rights issues but is this enough to encouraged women. The most common and usual topics for women’s day discussions in sessions were gender discrimination, feminism and female rights; but does anyone think about what women want?

It is simply no, as nobody asked women about their aspirations. The basic and prime need of every female is as she wants to live her life with her own rules, well there is no doubt that the lady has spent her entire life of an on listening and following other’s orders and footsteps when will the time comes when she will live her life like a freely flying bird in the sky.

They  have some visions  as somebody wants to get education the other one wanted to do job but still in our country Pakistan specifically majority females are illiterate and the literacy rate of women are just 48% more over those who have completed studies their in-laws want to be allowed them to do job most of the medical student’s females having MBBS degrees but have not done any practice, so it is the crucial reality of  our society as we have not asked the females what  they want  actually the society has imposed  rules on them.

She has been justified with her each character, as she has not cared about her but more concerned for   others, family, children. Well, there is no doubt that everyone has a wonder woman in her home, for instance, the way she looks after her children, husband, in-laws, relatives, and parents only   a woman can have handled everybody’s tantrums and mood swing. 

Now it is high time lets on this women day talk on women dreams, needs and aspirations as compared to remember females only as the sign of a victim. We can personally have asked our mother, sister. female friend about her dreams and goals helped them in achieving their objectives.