LARKANA        -            At least 90 people fainted due to the consumption of unhygienic foodstuff in Larkana on Saturday.

The incident took place in village Habib Bughio, where as many as 90 people fell unconscious after eating unhygienic food in a marriage ceremony.

Police and rescue officials, after being informed rushed to the scene and shifted the people to the district hospital where five to 10 children are in critical condition, according to the hospital sources.

The bride and groom are among those hospitalized. There were also 55 children who were taken to the hospital’s emergency ward where they have been kept two or three per bed.

Reportedly, the hospital ran out of space after over 150 people were hospitalized for food poisoning on Saturday afternoon.

Older patients have been shifted to the adult section of the emergency ward.

Doctors still don’t know what was in the food to cause such a reaction.

The villagers of Rahim Bughio village all cooked the food themselves the night before. Half the village is reportedly ill.

Earlier on October 24, at least 45 school students in Hyderabad were hospitalized on suspicion of food poisoning.

As per details, the students, who were staying at the hostel of a school near Hala Naka, Hyderabad, fell sick after eating breakfast and were rushed to the Civil Hospital Hyderabad suffering from nausea and vomiting.

Medical Administrator of Civil hospital Hyderabad, while talking to media had said that all the children were aged between 3 to 12, are safe and out of danger.