PESHAWAR - No damage to crops by locust anywhere in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been reported yet and situation at the mo­ment is incomplete con­trol. Emergency has been declared in seven high risk districts of the prov­ince and overall 55 teams have been deployed for round the clock surveil­lance and control of lo­cust in these areas.

As many as 24 different camps have also been es­tablished in the high risk areas, maximum possi­ble number of human resource and logistics deployed and so far an affected area of 11,754 hector has been declared.

These were revealed in a briefing given by the provincial government to Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the steps taken so far for the ef­fective surveillance and control of locust in the province. Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan along with his team attended the briefing through vid­eo conferencing.

It was informed that the provincial govern­ment has put in place its Locust Surveillance and Control strategy well in time, approved an emer­gency fund of Rs50 Mil­lion and has launched a mass scale awareness campaign for educating the local farmers. It was further informed that seven districts, includ­ing D.I Khan, Lakki Mar­wat, South Waziristan, North Waziristan, Tank, Orakzai and Kurram have been declared as high risk areas and a to­tal area of 8,843 hector is constantly being kept un­der surveillance.

“So far 114 spray op­erations have been con­ducted in the affected areas,” the forum was briefed and added that the agriculture depart­ment has developed an android based applica­tion to facilitate and ed­ucate the local popula­tion to control the spread of locust. It was also in­formed that the provin­cial government was working in close coordi­nation with the relevant federal entities and oth­er bordering provinces to effectively control the locust outbreak.