KARACHI          -           BankIslami Pakistan Limited, in collaboration with the Centre for Islamic Finance of Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS), successfully conducted a certified programme on Islamic Finance for its branch managers in Lahore. This capacity building initiative was aimed at equipping branch managers of BankIslami with essential Islamic Banking knowledge providing them the ability to serve the customers better through more personalized and robust services. Dr Saad Azmat, (Associate Professor of Finance, Director Office of Research, Chair of Centre for Islamic Finance, at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)) conducted these trainings. Expressing his views on the occasion, he remarked: “This partnership between Centre for Islamic Finance at LUMS and BankIslami would be instrumental in promoting Islamic Finance in Pakistan.” Rizwan Ata, Country Head Distribution of BankIslami Pakistan, spoke at the inaugural session. He emphasized that as branch managers of one of the leading Islamic Bank of Pakistan, the team members have a responsibility to spread awareness about Sharia-compliant banking among consumers and other stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential for them to develop deeper understanding on prohibition of riba and strive to build conviction towards the frameworks that serve as foundation for Islamic Finance.