Floriculture defines as a discipline that is concerned with the cultivation of the flowers and the plants. Pakistan belongs to one country having an enormous potential of growing tremendous quality of the flowers. However, Pakistan does not greatly contribute at the international flower trade.

Moreover, only a minimal number of agriculturalists are growing flowers. Most of them are rose, tuberose, jasmine, while the other varieties provide the improved prices are not cultivated in Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan has an advantageous climate and the cheap labor system for the cultivation of the crops, but due to lack of attention paid by the concerned authorities we are lacking in floriculture. Production of flowers, mainly the roses are very lucrative business, if this could be done on the professional basis. Furthermore, due to lack of resources and experts the development of the floriculture industry becomes difficult. We need new technologies as the world of flowers has been emerging with new developments and setting up cultivation in the green houses.

Our manufacture and advertising policies need to be modernised with the international standard. However, we need to learn economics trends, in order to compete with the world. To grow other varieties of flowers, loans should to given to the concerned departments, as they will provide a significant role in boosting economy of the country.