Various countries around the world offer fully funded scholarships to needy students of developing countries and most of the need based scholarships cover personal and meal allowances along with accommodation. Not only developed countries but developing countries also offer scholarships to Pakistani students. An appalling and mysterious news report says: A group of high level government officials belonging to Sindh secretariat submitted applications to Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah claiming to be chronically poor and been suffering from financial crises due to low salaries and requested that their children be granted scholarships in order to get quality education.

Anomaly, lenient CM Sindh, approved their applications granting a sum worth 5.1 million in the name of scholarship granted for deserving marginalized, candidates. Thousands of students from Sindh, who are looking for scholarships to fund their education are oblivious of it and they have completely been shunned by their very own CM.

Regrettably, it has also been exposed that the whole amount Rs. 5.1 million has been granted to three daughters of Secretary Mansoor Abbas Rizvi. CM Sindh, Secretary Mansoor Abbas Rizvi and his three daughters must be paid an homage on winning scholarships by defeating thousands of deserving and talented students of Sindh which makes these elite students ones winning such competitive scholarships.