KARACHI (APP) - About half a million second hand computers are consumed in Pakistan every year. This was pointed out in a panel discussion arranged at a hotel here on Tuesday under the auspices of Zenith PR. The higher ups of multinational and local IT industry participated in the programme. They included Country Sales Manager of Acer Pakistan, Zahid Mahmood, Country Manager Intel Pakistan, Ashar H. Zaidi, General Manager HP Pakistan, Mohsin Iqbal, Chief Executive Officer of Software Technologies, Khushnood Aftab, Ms. Asma Aziz of Intel Pakistan, Zia-ul- Qadir of Gerry's Softlogic, Ms. Subul Siddiqui of Acer Pakistan, Chief Executive Officer of Zenith, Ms. Zainab Ansari, Tahir Ikram of CNBC Pakistan, Khawar Mehmood of Optimum Technologies and Country Representative of IUCN Sohail Malik.The programme was compered by a senior journalist, Ms. Rabia Gharib. The participants were of the view that the major international IT players should also play their role and facilitate the growth of the local IT market. They also spoke of the role of the local industry towards the provision of low cost PCs. It was pointed out that a new local PC can be purchased at a price of about Rs 11,000. An entry level laptop costs around Rs 32,000 to Rs 33,000. The hazards of the refurbished computers and their impact on environment and humans, were also discussed on the occasion. It was stated that the e-waste was hazardous for human health. It was pointed out that the second hand computers outlive their utility and serve very little purpose. The participants pointed out that the new equipment is not only relatively safe but also contributes towards energy conservation. At the moment second hand computers are dumped in Pakistan and Sri Lanka only. The people should be apprised of the ill-effects of the refurbished computers. The dumping of the second hand computers also affects the growth of the local IT industry.