ISLAMABAD - Thousands of homeless people staged a protest demonstration in front of the Parliament House building on Wednesday. The protestors, led by former federal minister J Salik, chanted slogan in favour of their demands and stressed the government to provide them with shelter. They had also placards inscribed with the slogans, "Homeless are hopeful", and demanded of the prime minister to keep his words of providing homes to the homeless people. J Salik, while addressing the participants, said they would wait for the 100 days announced by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Then, he said, they would occupy some open piece of land anywhere in the country, which they would not vacate at any cost. Participants of the demonstration were hailing from the surrounding areas as well as other parts of the country, including minorities. Majority of them, while talking to TheNation, not only wailed over their homelessness but also complained of the unavailability of food and health facilities. Husan Zari, mother of three, said often they went to bed without food, as her husband, Rehan Gul was handicapped and unable to do any profitable job. She said she was compelled to draw her son out of the school and employ him in a local hotel to earn some pennies for them. She demanded of the government to provide her home besides financial help to make her life easy. Rifat, who had come from Bharakahu, said her husband was a drug addict and was hospitalised since long. She said she had no other source of income to pay the hospital dues and rent of the house. She said J Salik had admitted her husband with Sunny Trust, but now they were demanding Rs 10,000 of her to further continue her husband's treatment. The protestors dispersed peacefully after they were assured by a Joint Secretary of the Prime Minister Secretariat to sympathetically consider their demands.